I am inquiring to find out if you have an educator discount or a grant program for educators?
- I wish to buy single user license for my academic purposes, can I get any discounted price for academician?


You can download and install the 7-days free trial to experience PDF Reader Pro with its full functionalities. After the trial period ends, you can decided whether you would like to purchase it.

If you want to get it with a discount, please directly contact us via support@pdfreaderpro.com. Attached on the email, you should tell us about your basic personal information, such as your name, your email, your institution name and etc, to verify your eligibility.


More information we need to know:

1. Which version of PDF Reader Pro you would like to pruchase?

2. How many PDF Reader Pro you would purchase?

3. Do you have Apple ID? If you like, please write a good review for PDF Reader Pro Lite.

4. Do you have a PayPal account? We will offer some discount, such as 50% discount, via PayPal. 


If it allows, please share the link, http://www.pdfreaderpro.com/product, on your social account like Facebook, Twitter and etc.
It is better if you can share the PDF Reader Pro to everyone, very grateful.

Note: You can purchase only one license per platform of any PDF Reader Pro Student and Teacher Edition product. PDF Reader Pro Student and Teacher Edition products can be used only on your privately owned computer and cannot be resold.

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