How to Convert

How to Convert PDFs to Other Formats?

Convert PDFs to other formats in PDF Reader Pro at four steps:

1. Open the file you want to convert;

2. Tap Converter  on the toolbar;

3. Or click main menu Tools -> Converter -> Convert;

4. Or click  on the statebar -> Convert PDF;

5. Select Format as Word, HTML, Text, JPG, PNG and set Page Range;

6. Click Batch to convert more PDF files at the same time.


How to Convert Other Formats to PDFs?

1. Tap File on the main menu and click New;

2. Or click  on the statebar;

3. Click New From Images or New From File, then you can select other formats like Word, HTML on the desktop and open it in PDF Reader Pro as PDF directly;

4. Or select an image on the desktop and righ click Open With PDF Reader Pro, then Save as PDF.

5. Or select New From Clipboard, then texts or images from clipboard will be saved as PDF file.

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